Common Questions

Of course not. Although our Inn is especially geared (pun intended) for cyclists, if your idea of a getaway is to sleep in, take a walk in Avalon Nature Preserve, take in a museum or shop in Stony Brook Village, then we encourage you to enjoy all the offerings that are within easy reach of the Inn.

Of course we can. Many of our routes are loops that start and return from the Inn, so when you are ready to call it a day, your partner can continue to ride. We also have an electric assist bike at the Inn that might help even the scales with a little extra energy up on the hills.

You don’t need to schlep out your own bike if you don’t want to. We have several bikes available at the Inn; from sleek road bikes to light road oriented hybrids. If we don’t have a bike that fits you, bikes are available for rent through our local bike shop a mile up the road. See .You can rent from them and we will have the bike ready for you to go upon your arrival. Helmets and water bottles are provided as well. Please let us know in advance so that we can provide you with our discount code.

We can design routes for you with any hill profile. We can shuttle you to flatter areas of the area or give you local routes in which the hills are not as extreme.

The majority of the routes are on pavement. This includes paved bike only trails as well as bike friendly roads. There are some renowned mountain biking trails within a few miles of the Inn. We can also provide shuttle service to those trails that are further away.

We have been riding the roads out here for over a decade and we will try to put you on bicycle-designated routes if available and aim to keep you off the main commercial thoroughfares. Occasionally you will have to negotiate a mile or two of busy road in order to link one bike route to another.

Supermarkets, convenience stores and every other type of commercial establishments are within a few miles of the Inn. We will set you out with snacks and water bottles and provide you with suggestions for some of the best places to refuel while on route and advise where there are long stretches without services.

We suggest that you bring a spare tube, pump and tire irons with you, but also have these available as needed. If you are within a few miles of the Inn, we can come help you out, but if not, we may guide you to where the nearest bike store is. We encourage you to try to learn how to fix your own flat in advance of your stay. This is a valuable skill to learn in order to become a self-reliant rider while on the road.

Yes. Fees will range according to time and distance. An early start is suggested.

Of course we will accommodate you. Just let us know in advance.

That depends on your plans. There is so much to do here near the Inn within walking distance and even more to do by bike. A car should not be necessary.

There is a bike greenway that runs for 3 miles in each direction from Stony Brook to Port Jefferson that is absolutely beautiful. There is also a bike only paved path at West Meadow beach that is totally flat. It is a haven for parents teaching youngsters how to ride.

Yes, they are easy to learn.

The Garmin will automatically reprogram itself to get you back on the correct route. We will also instruct you on how to read the coordinates of your location so that you can call the Inn for instructions in order to return. But if all else fails, a smart phone can be useful in providing directions to return to the Inn.

We can do basic adjustments and some elementary repairs. Our local bike shop though is a full service bike store and is only a mile away.

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